Gruffalo Party and your invited!

The Gruffalo is a loveable creature, created by possibly the most successful picture book author ever, Julia Donaldson.

Why is The Gruffalo a favourite book of children and parents alike?

The Gruffalo is a hairy creature who first started out as a tiger, “He has terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.” He lives in the deep dark wood and his favourite food is mouse on toast!

The story is based on a traditional tale and captures our hearts, as the smallest creature in the wood, finally escapes being eaten by The Gruffalo by using his wit and charm. The illustrations by Alex Scheffler are really clever, the expressions on each character are perfect, to draw the reader inside the story. When I first picked up The Gruffalo in Southend Central Library, I thought he was too scary, but “You should never judge a book by it's cover!”

The story is perfect for young children, the central character a mouse journeys through the deep dark wood, in search of a tasty nut. He meets predators on the way and manages to persuade them not to eat him.

The rhyming language and repetition in the story, is very engaging and the anticipation of whether the mouse gets caught, creates a sense of excitement.

The book grows with a young child as their language develops, till they can eventually join in with the rhyming verses. The beauty of the story written in rhyme, is that it comes along with you, wherever you go, you do not need a copy of the book, you will remember the rhyme and so will your child!

The Gruffalo is our favourite book, because we all love a happy ending!

I felt it was time to celebrate The Gruffalo with a party, in my local park where we can act out the story and share Gruffalo crumble.

Julia Donaldson said “Most children love acting and it's a tremendous way to imporove their reading"

If you are not one of the 13 million people who have bought a copy of The Gruffalo invest in one today.

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