Do you talk to your baby?

Talking to your baby does not come naturally to everyone, and it may feel strange to new parents and carers. It is something that needs to be practised and learnt together. A book is a perfect tool to start the process, sharing books with your newborn is an ideal way to start communicating with your baby.

You are your baby's first and most enduring teacher, your voice is the one they love the best. Sharing a book together every day will increase your bond and begin the process of communication.

When your baby copies you for the first time, it is a proud moment, the more you practise together the more they will learn. Babies brains are developing at an astonishing rate, during the first years of their life. 700 connections or synapses are being made in your baby's brain every second, during the first three years of their life. These new connections are influenced by many factors and strengthened through relationships.

Speak in a sing-songy voice to your baby, as it is slower and the pitch is higher which matches the limited range of your baby's vocal tract. You may find singing engages your baby for longer.  I met Doctor Rachel Drury brainchild of BabyO last year at The Enable Conference (Musician and researcher working predominantly in the field of music education and psychology) She also believes music is perfect for bonding and is a communication tool.

 "Music plays a vital role in baby's development, the rhyme in music separates the syllables and breaks the words down, which is a fundamental thing for reading" - Dr Rachel Drury

It's simple - talk to your baby, from the first day you meet them, it boosts their brain power and gives them a head start.

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