Did you know Museums are places for families with babies?

It's never too early to visit a museum with your baby, they are:

"Social, sensory, stimulating places-perfect for babies." - kids in museums

Museums are a wonderful place to take a very young child and offer interesting things to explore which will stimulate all the senses. In Southend our museums do not charge an admission fee, so are accessible to all.

Have you visited your local museum?

Many families do not see them as spaces that are baby friendly, offering activities for babies is a perfect way to encourage visits. After being inspired by http://kidsinmuseums.org.uk/

I started to run interactive Sensory Storytelling at Prittlewell Priory Museum for babies who are not yet walking. The session lasts approximately 55 minutes and is split into two parts: a delivered story journey followed by free-choice sensory play.

By using rhyme, alliteration, repetition and song we draw the babies into a magical world and offer them each the opportunity to be a part of the story journey with assorted tactile props along the way. During the sensory play part of the session there is further opportunity for the babies to explore these open-ended resources, largely made from stimulating and interesting natural materials, to support their understanding of the world around them. We finish up with a short shared song session to draw a gentle close to the session. 

Families with babies now have a reason to visit the museum and now realise it is a place for them.

Bring your baby and create your own piece of history. 

Book via Eventbrite http://bit.ly/Interactive_storytelling